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Age of Empires  The Rise of Rome is a game by Ensemble Studios and owned by Microsoft Games














Update 24th of March 2013: I've decided to retire from heavengames and abandon this mod. I've done a bit of work since the last release and I might upload a new version with those changes in the next months, but expect no more added content, game play modes, graphics or such. I'm sorry. Explanation here:

Update 7th of November - 2012: Due to increasingly busy times, I expect the next version will at best be there end 2012/early 2013. Dont worry, this project has not been forgotten and will be finished.

Update 1st of January - 2012:. The new version is now available for downloading. Donwload it here. Don't forget to check the new music files

I'm currently working on v1.3. That will include random maps, but this will take a while, since many ai files need to be made. Follow progress of the mod on heavengames: Age of Italy Thread, and while you're there, why not join heavengames and join the age of empires heaven community. 

I am a great fan of Roman history. This mod is therefore built around Rome. Around it's rise to power in the mediterranean. The most important enemies of Rome in this period are also featured in this mod. The aim is to increase the realism and tactical options of this game. To achieve this all civs will have an entirely revised tech tree, new-sometimes unique-units. You will be able to fight with more unit types than before (skirmishers, decent light infantry and more). The aim is to give all new units a new graphic eventually, but as you will understand this will be extremely hard to achieve. The mod is inspired by a combination of movies, books and games (RoR, AoK, Rise of nations, Rome TW, Rome Universalis). It will change and extent the options of RoR, but it will still feel like RoR. When this mod is released you will be able to fight epic wars such as the conquest of Alexander the Great, The Persian-Greco wars, The Italian struggle, The Punic wars, The Macedonian wars and many more. With some imagination you can even extend the timeline to the period of Caesar and Pompey or perhaps save the Gauls from Roman dominance?

In the civ, features and technologies sections you can find information about the mod. 

Go here to see how progress on the mod is going

 Thompsoncs, Project leader


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